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Probes and Accessories

Choose from a broad portfolio of Tektronix probes and accessories, all perfectly matched to our industry-leading oscilloscopes. With over 100 choices available, select the oscilloscope probe you need for your specific testing application.

Probing systems make high-resolution measurements in the presence of common mode signals or noise.

dpo7oe1 high bandwidth optical probe

Best-in-class bandwidth and sensitivity. Safety Certified.

Industry leading performance up to 6000V. Safety Certified.

Signal fidelity for serial bus PHY measurements.

Highest bandwidth, lowest probe loading.

Low capacitance and best in class bandwidth. Safety Certified.

Accurate high-frequency, low voltage measurements.

Connectivity options for flexible digital debug.

Accessories for Probes and Oscilloscopes

Adapters, replacement probe tips and more accessories for your oscilloscope or probe.