Tektronix Indonesia - TBS1000B , TBS1000 , TBS1000B-EDU


TBS1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope


Handles everyday test challenges without challenging your budget

The TBS1000B Series is the only 2-channel oscilloscope in its class that is designed for extensive monitoring and analysis activities. Versatile features like 34 automated measurements, up to 200 MHz bandwidth, limit testing, data logging, dual channel frequency counters, waveform trending and up to 2 GS/s sample rate puts the TBS1000B in a class all its own.


TBS1000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Accuracy. Usability. Affordability.

Usually, entry-level instruments are as light in features as they are in price. But Tektronix TBS1000 Series aren’t usual instruments. Ideal for students, hobbyists or any person or organization on a tight budget, TBS1000 Series oscilloscopes deliver outstanding performance, including best-in-class digital real-time sampling, pass/fail testing, and familiar, easy-to-use controls. All at a price that’s equally impressive.


TBS1000B-EDU Series Digital Oscilloscope

The world’s first dedicated teaching oscilloscope.

Meet the only scope designed to tackle today’s test challenges while preparing tomorrow’s engineers for the future. With the exclusive integrated courseware capability, a PC based courseware editor and the web based Courseware Resource Center, the full featured TBS1000B-EDU oscilloscopes provide an efficient way for instructors to teach and students to learn fundamental electronic concepts.


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